Glam cashmere

Glam Cashmere Intimates was launched in 2006/ Since then, we have created many new looks which have caught the eye of the intimate market.
Having this niche in the area of loungewear, Glam Cashmere caters to the woman who is looking for silky smooth cashmere pajamas, robes, camisoles, chemises and other special pieces.

Glam Cashmere has looks from feminine lace, to more bold and basic silhouettes. Staples of the collection are the strappy camisole, chemise and plain pant, which everyone must have….however Glam Cashmere is known for special design details such a ruffle jackets, touches of cut out lace, and satin trims.

Pajama sets to this collection are key, and there are some distinctive statements made with pieces such as the rhinestone pajama top, which is a very formal pajama top for the average sleeper, however it can also be worn out as a ready to wear top.

Glam Cashmere tries to stay apart from the crowd and create pajamas and loungey looks that can have a bit of an edge. We try to design looks that can be versatile enough to be worn inside and out and also have much more use then the common pajama. Every woman needs a bit of “Glam” in her wardrobe, a collection that fits her needs and wants.

The sophisticated woman is working, playing, going out, staying in and these pieces can be worn to all of these occasions. The greatest thing is that the person wearing them can feel silky smooth and comfortable.

Who wouldn’t want to wear a silky cashmere set of pajamas or a silky cashmere robe?

And new for the season! Cashmere Slippers!, which come in every color, to match every camisole, robe or chemise in the collection. Anyone would feel great wearing them!…,

Glam Cashmere wants their customers look glamorous, stylish and feel your very best!